SpriteKit Alliance

Who We Are

The SpriteKit Alliance is a real world guild of game developers. Members of the SpriteKit Alliance help one another and give back to the developer community. We primarily focus on Apple’s SpriteKit framework, but we have experience in all sorts of programming languages and IDEs.

We even have our own Slack group to talk, share ideas, or work out problems. We are always looking for other cool SpriteKit Developers to join our Slack group. If interested email join@spritekitalliance.com.

New Apps!

Four members of the SpriteKit Alliance recently released their games on the App Store! Galactic Runner by Whirlwind, Nixie by Dominique, Toothache by Calebk and our 2015 Game Jam winner Lilly by Skyler. Congratulations to all for getting their apps approved and may you get millions of downloads.